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Rodney and Jenifer Spratley’s passion for real estate dates back over 30 years. They started investing in real estate to be a blessing and to build a solid investment portfolio for their family which consisted of three daughters and one son. After many years of very hard work to include physical labor and management, the Spratley’s built their real estate investment portfolio to over 35 properties and their tenants enjoyed the well managed homes as the Spratley’s treated their tenants as they would want to be treated.

Everything came to a screeching halt in 2008 when the market crashed and the Spratley’s suffered a devastating loss…they lost over 90% of everything they had. Life was very hard but through it all, they found strength in God and started from the ground to build their lives and financial status back up again. The Spratley’s didn’t give up on the real estate industry and step by step and little by little they acquired one property at a time and did what they do best — worked hard and continued to bless others.

Today Rod and Jen use their over 30 years of experience in real estate to include property acquisition, property management, consulting and construction to help others buy and sell real estate. If you are a first time or seasoned homebuyer, a seller or an investor, they can help you accomplish your goal.

Mission Statement
To help our clients effortlessly maximize their property’s potential

Vision Statement
Grateful Clients who become our friends and advocates

Core Values
We value honesty and integrity over all else, expecting the same from others
We value communication that informs and educates over sales pitches or directives
We value lasting relationships over transactions or profits
We value personalization over standardization, always listening and adjusting
We value results over activity, always striving to be more efficient
We value quality and accuracy over speed and expect things to be right the first time

Key Capabilities
Buying & Selling Real Estate
Real Estate Valuation
Military Specialists
Home Staging
Interior Design
Property Management
Small-Scale Real Estate Development
Real Estate Investments

Our Organization

Value up realty

Admin Support Team

Buyer & Seller Realtor

Home Valuation

Value Maximizer Consulting

Home Cleaning Services

Home Staging


Military Support

Relocation Services


Property Management

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